The Technology

The Machine consists of extraction vessel (Extractor), distillation vessel (Distillator) and solvent tank (Reservoir) also including heat battery and other aggregates needed for extraction.

Extractor has basic effective volume of 25 liters of raw material. Once we fill the extractor with raw material, vacuum is reached in the system (extractor and distillator) then raw material is covered in solvent and extraction begins. Solvent rich in extract is let to distillator. Process of separation of extract from solvent begins. Solvent fumes are let to the solvent tank where they immediately turn liquid. Big enough reserve of solvent and advanced construction of 3rd generation of the machine allows to have extraction, distillation and turning solvent to liquid all at once simultaneously.

Heat battery precisely controls temperatures, pressures and all processes in extraction machine which reaches high effectivity of extraction, substantially shortened extraction process and low energy consumption.

Suitable recipes for individual herbs and theirs variations that vary according to content of active substances allow us to optimally use characteristics of the solvent and the machine. User can use pre-determined recipes or create and save his own. Processes can be observed in graphical form as the system saves all processes and settings. Full control via PC, smartphone or tablet app is easy and effective.


Safety was very important factor when constructing the machine.

Even though the technology works with pressures of up to 16 BARs (230 PSI), every part is constructed with enough reserve to work under pressure or in vacuum.

First safety level is PLC that continuously controls all processes and settings and if they go over the pre-set limit, system is automatically controlled and set to proper levels. In case of critical rise in values, sensors and transmitters automatically begin to lower temperature and pressures using powerful two-circuit refrigerating system.

Second safety level is mechanical. In case of theoretical failure or damage to all of the sensors and transmitters, both heat and pressure, PLC damage and electricity outage, every part of machines has a reverse valve that would open in case of critical levels and lower temperature and pressure.

In case of catastrophic fire of building or property, construction itself is made in a way that secures mechanical release of reverse valves and solvent would escape in case of sudden pressure increase.


Simple and easy maintenance and use requires minimal costs. Low pressures and temperatures also provide very low deprecation. Staff does not have to have any special qualifications or courses, especially the certification for working with high pressure machinery is not required.

Maintenance can be performed by technically unskilled workers using manual (simple oil change, change of seals, cleaning) Costs for expendable material are minimal.

Comparing investment, safety, effectivity, efficiency, work comfort and simplicity will persuade you about correct decision to work with our technology.

Each and every partner will love working and most especially results achieved with our technology.